General Reports

Hello from Chehalis River Mutual Aid Network

If you’re seeing this, then you have taken some measure to show interest in getting involved beyond simply following us our socials. You may be have been notified of this post by text, email, or in our Facebook Group. We don’t mean to overwhelm anyone, so feel free to follow, or unfollowing wherever makes the most sense for you; simply respond with STOP in whatever medium you received this to end these notifications.

The redundancy is meant to include as many people as possible in our work. We aim to be as accessible as possible, and can further this goal by offering an array of communication methods, including in person meetings for those with no internet or phone access. These three volunteer channels will receive the same announcements, but have slightly different methods for responding in a group chat setting, this is further explained below.

These will be our regular channels for: communiques to this volunteer network, an upcoming radical newsletter covering local and non-local issues, and any other announcements of relevance such as calls to action, or events. Each will have its own group chat function to allow us to coordinate supplies pickups and drop offs, specific requests for aid, random chit chat, discussions of future plans, and whatever else you want to talk about.

IF YOU ARE ABLE PLEASE DOWNLOAD SIGNAL, THIS IS OUR PREFERRED METHOD OF COMMUNICATION. If you do download Signal please let us know so we can switch you over to that list.

As the first of many such releases we wanted to say hello, introduce ourselves, and share our new public schedule. By way of an introduction please look over the home page of this website, as well as the various other pages and resources we have listed here. Check out the new dedicated schedule page.

The biggest changes are a shift of our community meal and free store from Sunday afternoon to Saturday evening, and the addition of a in-person community meeting. This is crucial to us. We see this work as radical political direct action, and by coming together as a community to discuss our lives and our futures, we can start to make much needed plans for securing ourselves the liberation, security, and safety unavailable to us currently.This meeting will hopefully serve as a rallying point for our small but growing group, a way to hear directly from the community on what the needs are, as well as checking another box on the accessibility checklist. If you cannot make these meetings, a report back will be included in our newsletters.

We have had a lot of recent interest in joining our efforts and/or lending occasional assistance and we are actively working to write up quick and easy how to’s in order to clarify what roles (known playfully as “blocs”) we have envisioned and as many low-barrier ways to plug in as possible. Stay tuned for that, most pressing will be mobile bloc, garden bloc, and cooking bloc.

We want to make it as easy as possible to join these efforts, but also want to remind everyone that we are just a small group of local residents and there’s no need to “join our group” necessarily. If you like something we are doing please rip us off, copy us, and steal our methods for yourself. We want to keep things horizontal, decentralized, and resilient by modeling tactics that can be generalized and replicated by anyone, anywhere, and in any capacity. If you want to initiate your own project or group, we can also help with that.

We will leave it there for now, but you have not heard the last of us…unless you unsubscribe, then you might have heard the last of us. We appreciate the loving response we have thus far received from this community and look forward to building local grassroots power so we can start getting what we need outside of reliance on the state.

Email lists: sign up by sending us your email address

If you are receiving this as an email then please be aware that we have set up TWO email lists, this one from ‘’ will serve as our newsletter, full of local and non-local radical news of importance to our work, as well as updates and calls to action for volunteers. Emails will be regular but less frequent (think weekly) and you will not be able to respond to these emails.


The second, will come to you from ‘’ and this one has been set up to function as a chat room for volunteers who do not have the ability to chat over Signal(mobile messenger app), our preferred method of communication. Anyone on this list will be able to respond to the ENTIRE list by sending an email to ‘’ as you would in a chat room. Private emails are of course still possible between folks but this will allow us to communicate as a group. If you want to stop on or both of these email lists, please make sure you specificy that when replying STOP to


For both lists your name may or may not be visible to the rest of the group. To conceal your name or email address simply reach out to let us know, and if you need a secondary email address we recommend protonmail.

Phone lists: Sign up by sending us a text requesting you be added

If you are seeing this as a text you are on our phone list. We have set up TWO phone chats, one on Signal for encrypted communications, and the other is an unencrypted group chat for those without Signal. We recommend downloading Signal(mobile messenger app), our preferred method of communication, on your smartphone if that option is available to you. If not then you can stay here and should be able to chat as a group together here, just be aware that this particular channel is not encrypted in any way.

Facebook Group: Request to Join on Facebook

We have set this group up in order to garner more active participation with a very low-barrier to entry, since most people currently have a Facebook account. Unfortunately, although it is the easiest way to find us originally, we encourage folks to consider moving to ANY of our other communication methods, as this is our least favorite. We try to avoid using Facebook where possible. Either way, this group will remain open in case that is all you are comfortable with or capable of.

For all of the above mentioned communication methods we ask that folks be aware that these are all public channels, encrypted or not, so do not say anything sensitive, or private, or give out personal info in the group. You are not required and are in fact encouraged not to use your real legal name unless absolutely neccessary. Private communications are generally more sensitive and we ask you get in touch through text 206-530-7806 or email