Labor Blocs

There are so many ways to get involved with mutual aid and in the movement at large. We will truly need everyone doing everything they can if we are going to build another world. The most sustainable work is the work that brings you the most joy. By centering our work in a militant and unrelenting joy, we can avoid the burnout phase of most so called activism and hopefully push through to a revolutionary way of life. This way we integrate these actions into our daily lives and stop thinking of it as activism or hobby and start viewing it as a way of life. So look through our various labor blocs and select (or create) one that suits your needs and desires. We have some blocs here that are more open than others and we will work on vetting procedures for those blocs requiring more security and training for those requiring more knowledge.

If there is any confusion please reach out to us for clarification. The intention here is to show that there is room for everyone in this work, no matter how small or occasional your capacity is, it is all invaluable. We started by laying out our most pressing needs but there is no end to the potential blocs we could add if you see something we missed.

For the most sensitive blocs, such as law or medic, we can offer participants with security concerns all the training and know-how to act entirely anonymously so as to feel safe in contributing their work to this cause. There is absolutely no need to worry about jeopardizing your professional license. There should be no barriers to entry so if you can think of a way to make this even more accessible don’t hesitate to reach out. It is our labor that produces the world, let us do it with intention and care.