Affiliate Organizations

We place a high value on autonomous and decentralized direct action. Because of this we recognize that we need not centralize every grassroots mutual aid group under one banner. Even so, there may be a mutual benefit to certain groups in having some coordination. To that end we offer those groups wanting to share knowledge or resources the ability to ask to become an affiliate of this network. This means that we share enough common ground to work together in certain capacities while maintaining the autonomy of each group. There are various resources we can offer affiliated groups from setting up secure email addresses and encrypted communication methods to educational materials and recommendations on horizontal organization structures and decision making models.

If you participate in a group or project that shares similar goals to us and would like to work with us in any capacity from social media amplification to direct coordination of resources and labor please let us know by emailing us at

The Goal of this Network:

The goal of this NETWORK is to amplify GROUPS that are participating in PROJECTS working towards COLLECTIVE LIBERATION through MUTUAL AID.

The Shared Values of this Network:

The participants of this network agree to work to keep our spaces and projects ANTI-RACIST, ANTI-SEXIST, ANTI-HOMOPHOBIC, ANTI-TRANSPHOBIC, and ANTI-FASCIST.

Affiliated Organizations:

“We grow fresh vegetables & fruit for the greater Aberdeen Community with a Weekly Produce Harvest for our Gardeners & to help our Community continue to be healthy & strong.”

Chehalis River Mutual Aid Network is beyond grateful for the organizing space that Cultivating Roots offered us for our first few local events. Food Not Bombs will have a bed in the garden this upcomong season to grow fresh produce for our Community Meal.

“A 20 acre black-led farm and bread school in the Middle Satsop Valley.”   GoFundMe | Venmo  |  Paypal  |  CashApp

A portion of Bunkhouse Acres’ CSA food shares are donated to local BIPOC families in need and leftover or unclaimed produce gets used by our Food Not Bombs project for our Community Meal.

“We are a mutual aid group wishing to end food insecurity on Occupied Duwamish land.”

Free food for the community | Comida gratis para la comunidad. Inspired by @iohnyc. Venmo

Seattle Community Fridges are part of the wider regional solidarity network Chehalis River Mutual Aid Network sends prepared food and produce to as often as possible.

“Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods (NECN) fosters healthy communities by engaging citizens to become directly involved in determining how their neighborhood evolves, and giving them the tools to have their voices heard by policy makers and the public at large.”

Although they do excellent work in Northeast Portland, our solidarity work in the region has seen us working with many of the incredible groups listed in NECN’s PDX Mutual Aid and Support Directory. We list them here because we were delighted to be listed alongside many groups that inspired our work.

“Our national network is made up of many eco-activists, social justice activists, global justice activists, street medics, herbalists, permaculturalists, black liberation advocates, community organizers, and others who are actively organizing around supporting disaster survivors in a spirit of mutual aid and solidarity. ” Donate | Action Network

We have a deep respect for these folks, they do amazingly radical and liberatory relief work at a large scale. They are directly responsible for inspiring this group, and actively help us in procuring certain donations as a registered 501(c)3 organzation with some incredible connections.