If you want to get involved in mutual aid, you do not need to join our group, you can contribute by showing up at our events and lending a hand in whatever capacity you are capable of. You can also help by sharing your excess resources, sharing our social media posts, picking up food and dropping it to a community fridge, volunteering with one of our labor blocs, showing up at an event to support us and eat, etc.

If you want to help co-organize it will mean making decisions together as to how best to use our collective resources to have the maximum impact in our community. This will require some way to coordinate with us. A good first step to building that relationship is by showing up in person at a few events so we can talk with you about how you want to get involved.

Below is a list of the current projects, what we playfully call ‘Blocs’, which are currently looking for help. Below that Food Not Bombs National has a helpful list of ways you can do this work in your own community with or without our help. We will truly need everyone in this struggle and whatever your skill or passion is we can find a place for it.

Labor Blocs currently looking for volunteers:

A list from Food Not Bombs National on more ways that anyone can volunteer wherever they are:

  • Visit local groceries, bakeries and markets to schedule the recovery of their surplus food.
  • Recover unsold food from grocery stores, bakeries, produce markets, food producers and farms.
  • Deliver surplus produce and bake goods to local Food Not Bombs, shelters, and food programs.
  • Clean, cut and cook the recovered produce, grains and other ingredient to make vegan meals to share on the streets, at tables, and at protests.
  • Collect cooking and serving equipment or other supplies to help your local Food Not Bombs group.
  • Help set up the food, literature, tables, and banner at the meals.
  • Help share the prepared food at the meals.
  • Wash the plates, silverware, pots, pans, cooking equipment and the kitchen where the meals were prepared.
  • Make sure your meal location is clean and free of litter.
  • Help load and unload your food deliveries.
  • Write, illustrate, design and print flyers about the work your local Food Not Bombs is supporting.
  • Staff the literature distro at the regular Food Not Bombs meals.
  • Design and paint banners and signs to display at your meals.
  • Post flyers at cafes, book stores, schools, laundry mats, libraries, groceries, bakeries, music shops and any place people will read and enjoy them.
  • Organize a benefit concert or other event to bring awareness to your local Food Not Bombs or mutual aid group.
  • Build bike carts to help collect and deliver the food, dishes. literature and banners.
  • Organize music, puppet shows or other cultural events at your regular meals.
  • Participate in the meetings of other organizations, unions or other activist groups to find out how your chapter can offer support.
  • Help organize a Really Really Free Market, Food Not Lawns community garden, seed bank, Bikes Not Bombs repair day, Homes Not Jails housing take over or other project and produce a flyer to promote the project at your regular meal.
  • Organize a movie night, concert, play, puppet show or other events to introduce more people to the work of your Food Not Bombs group.
  • Write letters to our political prisoners. Visit Anarchist Black Cross to learn more and find their addresses.
  • Help organize a protest, occupation or other action.
  • Make sprouts and bring them to the meal.
  • Make a solar oven to bake bread at the regular meals.
  • Walk around the area before your meal and invite people to join you. You can hand out a quarter page flyer to each person with the day, time and location of your meal. This will help you share food with more people.
  • Organize a presentation by Food Not Bombs co-founder Keith McHenry at your local college, bookstore, cafe or community center.