Become an Organizer

If you share our values and agree to our organizing principles we invite you to join our group to help us organize our current projects, or to form your own. Please read through the following pages and decide whether or not our we sound like people you would like to organize with. If you desire to work with us please send us an email to start talking about the way in which you would like to get involved. We will likely ask you to attend a few of our in person actions so we can start to develop a relationship before proceeding.

  • Our Orientation page will give you a better idea of how our group is structured and how we arrive at decisions as a group. Here we lay out our goal, shared vision, organizing principles, and a bit about security culture. We also define our terms since you may not have been exposed to some of these terms before.
  • Our Digital Security page will provide you with some basic resources to give you guidance on how to remain safe online, both while doing political activism, and in your everyday life. Here you will also find a short description of the applications we are currently using for encrypted communications. We also link to a document compiled by The Eyes On The Ground Collective for a deeper dive into digital security practices and how to interact anonymously online if you are interested in learning more.