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This material should be viewed with discretion, it is unfiltered white supremacy, deliberatly shown here to illustrate the common threads between the narratives forming here and those being pushed in more mainstream channels. Most of what occurs here could accurately be decribed as a huge misunderstanding of the nuances involved in gender, the difference between sex and gender, as well as ignorance of the actual altest science in the field. To be expected. The final screenshot is not of an avowed neo nazi but of our good friend Patty Thomas, who shares the very same video from the same YouTuber as the one shared on Stormfront. What a coincidence.

The first post about the issue dated Thrusday the 5th at 7:41 AM
Here we can see the first itteration of the narrative behind “antifa is going to invade and destroy this man’s shop” as well as the stragne new theory that homeless or addicts are “Antifa types”.
Here we can see them advancing the notion that antifascists would have to be imported from nearby big cities since theres no way Aberdeen could have any of it’s own.