Where Do We Go Pete?

On the back of our most recent successful petition we put this together in conjunction with the local homeless community to demand that the City of Aberdeen meet and talk potential TASL alternatives with those living on the streets.


❤️If you’ve ever shared anything we’ve done or if we have done anything to inspire you towards action then we need you now more than ever.

👀Please sign and follow us over the next few days to learn more about how you can get involved DIRECTLY in support of this community. TASL closes this Friday the 16th at noon

To the City of Aberdeen:

Meet and discuss TASL alternatives with the homeless it affects.

The closure of the temporary alternative shelter location, or TASL, will leave the residents there out in the streets once more.

When the City destroyed the river city camp years ago they said they were going to have TASL for 30 days while they found a alternative location for a permanent camp. Many of the residents of that camp have dispersed throughout the streets. Some were sheltered at TASL, although due to City policies, the population has dwindled as of late. The permanent camp never materialized, and now they are taking away TASL.

All of these people need somewhere to go and some members of the community have asked to sit down and discuss possible resolutions to this problem.

Tell the City of Aberdeen that they need to meet and talk with the members of this community and hear their thoughts and plans and try to come to an agreement that suits everyone and gives people a place to legally exist.

The following letter was written by members of the homeless community and submitted to the city earlier this week:


“Dear Council,

My name is Pa***** Ca***. I am a voting, tax paying, and proud citizen of Aberdeen. I also happen to be homeless and a resident of the soon to be closed TASL site. I understand that there is a lot of strong opinions from multiple viewpoints concerning the issue of Aberdeen’s homeless population and what steps to take moving forward. It seems to me that people on both sides of this issue have gotten into an “Us versus Them” mindset, when in actuality the goal for both sides is the same…. A better life for all the citizens of Aberdeen. I am hopeful that you and other members of the City Council would be open to a sit down discussion about possible solutions. Just a group of people sitting down and having a rational and constructive discussion about what can be done to get us closer to the goal of a better Aberdeen for everyone. If we can put our heads together, I believe there is a good chance for progress. I thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Sincerely, P.C.”

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